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100% Water-Repellent

All coatings are hydrophobic meaning they repel water and prevent dirt and other contaminants from sticking to the paintwork.

Nano-Based ‘Glass’ Coating

A high-density glass coating that protects paintwork against acid rain and UV radiation.

50X Thicker

A single coating is highly durable being about 50X thicker than average with a hardness rating of 4H. When applied, it eliminates fine scratches and surface unevenness.

Added Resin Protection

Resin affords an additional layer of protection that enhances lustre and prevents stains.

Long-Lasting Protection

Depending on the type of coating applied, your car will be protected from between 1 to 5 years. All coatings are easy to maintain and renew.

KeePer Premium Coating!

KeePer - W Diamond KeePer (Coating)

Estimated Time: 380 minutes

From RM4000.00

KeePer - Diamond KeePer (Coating)

"Engineered to dazzle and endure beautifully"

Estimated Time: 180 minutes

From RM3000.00

KeePer - Crystal KeePer (Coating)

Estimated Time: 120 minutes

From RM1800.00

KeePer Treatment

KeePer - White Pure KeePer (Coating)

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

From RM475.00

KeePer - Pure KeePer (Coating)

Estimated Time: 80 minutes

From RM375.00

KeePer - Trim Coating

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

From RM225.00

KeePer - Water Repellent Window Coating

Estimated Time: 55 minutes

From RM173.75

KeePer - Coating Maintenance

Estimated Time: 120 minutes

From RM650.00

Artdeshine Graphene Coating

Artdeshine Nano Graphene Coating (Full Exterior)

Estimated Time: 480 minutes

From RM3750.00

Artdeshine Nano Graphene Coating (Full Exterior & Full Interior)

Estimated Time: 600 minutes

From RM4375.00

Artdeshine Ceramic Metal Oxide Coating (Full Exterior)

Estimated Time: 420 minutes

From RM1875.00

Artdeshine Ceramic Metal Oxide Coating (Full Exterior & Full Interior)

Estimated Time: 540 minutes

From RM2500.00

Graphene BX (Beading Express) Coating Only

Estimated Time: 150 minutes

From RM44.60

Graphene BX Coating (with Polishing)

Estimated Time: 240 minutes

From RM875.00

Artdeshine Nano Graphene Coating for PPF / Vinyl Wrap

Estimated Time: 150 minutes

From RM2200.00

Artdeshine Interior Coating Only

Estimated Time: 120 minutes

From RM750.00

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